Bursa, Turkey

On our way to Bursa. This is the ocean that bridges the gap between the Europe and Asia side.

To get in Bursa, we need to cruise for an hour. It was early morning and winter. Beautiful landscape flashes our way.

An access to the Captain's work room. Why not become an instant navigator?! lolz

Cruising from Istanbul to Bursa side

It requires few more minutes to get there. But nevertheless the landscape is extremely brilliant! Natural wonders in deed.

Some sightseeing spots you can't miss

Bursa is a city in northwestern Turkey and the seat of Bursa Province. It is Turkey's fourth largest city, as well as one of the most industrialized and culturally charged metropolitan centers in the country. Bursa is settled on the northwestern slopes of Mount Uludağ in the southern Marmara Region.

Frosty and foggy -- these made our cable trip both exciting and scary!

My travel buddies -- Rhoda, Musty & Shing

Twigs coated with snow... which i turn to some abstract.

Some fun stuff and food trips at the top of the mountain

Turkey never ran outa interesing souvenir items

I always feel sign boards and signage make a directive moment... either by location, time or any spot that made me never forget.

Interior of one of the mosques in Bursa

Enjoyed the authentic meat shawarma! I love it!

It was in Turkey when I get addicted with Red Apple Tea!

In Travel, amidst all the photographic excitement, don't forget to include yourself in a few pictures.