Belfast, Northern Ireland

Stormont Hotel, Belfast

Interior shot of our hotel room in Belfast.

RMS Titanic Headquarter

Yes, this is where Titanic ship was built! The ship known to be the largest passenger steamship in the world when she set off on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, on 10 April 1912. Four days into the trip, on 14 April 1912, she struck an iceberg and sank, resulting in the deaths of 1,517 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.

1 of the Headquarters during the Construction of Titanic

Titanic was designed by some of the most experienced engineers, and used some of the most advanced technologies available at the time. It was a great shock to many that, despite the extensive safety features, Titanic sank.

Exterior of the Titanic Headquarter

Imagine how busy this got years back.. when Engineers, Mechanics, Crew and the rest of the team built the ship.

Scottish Provident Institution. 1902 Donegall Square West, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall and the Big Wheel

Queen's Island is at the heart of Belfast's shipyard. Originally called Dargan's Island after the Carlow born engineer William Dargan who constructed the channel that opened up Belfast as a port, it was renamed in 1849 after Queen Victoria

Odyssey Arena

An exhibition, sporting, ice hockey and concert arena in Belfast

The River Lagan in Belfast

Belfast, capital since 1920 of the six counties of Northern Ireland (reorganized into 26 districts in 1973), is an important industrial city and port. It lies beautifully situated on Belfast Lough in the northeast of Ireland, at the mouth of the River Lagan, the county boundary between Down and Antrim Belfast's shipyards are among the most modern in Europe and for many years Harland and Wolff's dry dock was the largest in the world.

The Parliament Buildings at Stormont

Built in 1932 and home to the Northern Ireland Assembly.